Art Exhibition 'Want Do We Go Now'

Chelmsford College Art Exhibition by Artists in Residence Claire McDermott and Alexandra Harley. 21 - 30th June 2017. Viewing by Appointment.

Exhibition title - 'Want do we do now' The AA2A project provides placements for visual artists and designer makers in Higher and Further Education institutions across England. Chelmsford College gave access to Claire Mc Dermott and Alexandra Harley to their workshops for a school year and are now hosting an exhibition of their artwork. Both artists have used natural materials in their work. They seek to challenge us to see beyond the initial impression and to let our imaginations run free. They want to be creative and inspire their audience. Their exhibition explores the invisible benefits of nature and the natural grounding it can provide. Claire Mc Dermott’s approach to being an artist in residency was to use a tree sapling structure to represent a human form with a ceramic brain. The new sculpture enclosed is part of an installation that makes reference to the fact that Eco-friendly resources should be made or sourced locally or at least in your part of the country, otherwise how can it be Eco – friendly? The red tubes are a reference to some plant stems that have red interiors when cut open. The hazel stakes where sourced from a local managed wood instead of buying from a builder’s yard and the rubber ties that were used are from a local bike shop, instead of buying commercial ties from a far off country that produces rubber. The sculpture's base represents a wad of A4 paper and has a one star rating when it should have five stars if it is to be truly Eco – friendly. Why sell anything less? Some simple solution that makes far more 'Sense' then the illusion we are under at the present. The picture shows Claire McDermott's work 'Sense'